Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are you one of the millions of people looking to lose weight and fast? I know I was for sure! I have been struggling with my weight for a long time and could never seem to lose weight. I was becoming self conscious of my body and never wanted to go anywhere in public because I thought all eyes were always on me. My friends told me to look online for advice on how to lose weight but all I kept finding were products that seemed to be scams. NEWS FLASH! There are products out there that ACTUALLY WORK! I tried out countless products but the FULL THROTTLE FAT LOSS SYSTEM ACTUALLY WORKS!
Here are some examples of what customers are asking about this AMAZING new system!

Q: What is Full Throttle Fat Loss and why will it accelerate my results?
Full Throttle Fat Loss is the first program in the world to integrate all aspects of fat loss, including nervous system stimulation, fat loss acceleration, and a holistic process that looks at the entire 'you' before making assumptions of what will and will not work.
Full Throttle Fat Loss was designed to help you eliminate time-wasted in your workouts or a plan that wasn't ever going to work in the end. This is about starting the rest of your fat loss journey in a  PREDICTABLESENSIBLEand LOGICAL WAY that just makes sense.
Your body was designed to eliminate waste. It gets rid of fat when it's signaled to, but you have to first speak the language of the body. That's where most people go wrong. Muscles are silent; they don't speak.
Nerves are not silent, and they 'speak' to muscles through electricity. Every nerve innervates multiple muscles. By focusing on enhancing nerve signals to muscles, we naturally activate more muscles, and more of every muscle. It's a double-win.
We're all made differently, right?
As for Stacker Fat Loss, this is just simple mathematics. Every joint has a local metabolism, and your whole body, or global metabolism, is the accumulation of many local joint metabolisms. Essentially, the more of your joints (or bodyparts) you move, the higher the metabolic cost of an exercise. The more you do this, the higher your metabolism goes, and around we go.
Over the next 4 weeks, your are going to PRIME YOUR BODY to lose fat FULL SPEED!This system fully intends to help you create a 'Metabolic Shift.' This is a moment in time when your metabolism re-establishes 'normalcy' at a brand-new, higher level. Once it gets used to functioning 'faster', it'll naturally make this the new base level, or basal metabolic rate (BMR) for your body.
So, in combination, this TRIPLES your metabolism:
Step 1: Activate more muscle to get more from every rep and increase metabolic cost.
Step 2: Stack exercises together and increase metabolic cost of every set.
Step 3: Prime your body to lose fat and then create a 'Metabolic Shift', so that you always lose fat faster, from this point on.
When I first read this question by customers it immediately drew my attention and I wanted to know more!
Q: Is Full Throttle Fat Loss 'too' difficult?
That's a great question, and I'm going to flip it back on you. No, it shouldn't be too difficult, but difficult is a relative term. What is difficult for you?
If it's a matter of stepping outside of your comfort zone, then, yes, this is going to be difficult. If it's a matter of an exercise being too advanced or a workout program being too intense, that's not the case. Full Throttle Fat Loss was designed for any level by using some ninja program design to allow ANY PERSONANY LEVEL, to step in and get a great workout.
Q: What is Rebound Fat Loss? I've only ever heard of Rebound Weight Gain. How is this different?
Before we discuss Rebound Fat Loss, let's just make sure we're on the same page about Rebound Weight Gain and why it happens:
Crash Dieting. Crash Dieting makes it so that your body is in starvation mode and eats its own muscle. Since muscle consumes a ton of energy (calories) for your body, your metabolism naturally decreases over time. Unfortunately, as you reduce your caloric intake and lose muscle at the same time, your body's reward for the weight you lost is less food and a slower metabolism.
On the other hand...

Rebound Fat Loss is when you hit a fat loss goal, and then you decide to go for another one and hit it faster. Most fat loss programs actually slow down in results over time, no matter how much harder you work to see any change.
Full Throttle Fat Loss was designed to actually INCREASE your metabolism over time, IMPROVE the neurological signal to your muscle, and RE-CONNECT your body. In doing so, your results actually begin to accelerate. You'll be MUCH happier when you join the Full Throttle Fat Loss community and start to see accelerated results. Go ahead and click add to cart:
Q: What if I'm trying to build muscle or just get a bit leaner?
Ok, so this is where Full Throttle Fat Loss gets REALLY COOL . Because this is a fully periodized program with distinct phases, you naturally electrify your body into getting lean and activating more muscle within the first 4 weeks. After this point, it's easy to hit any fitness goal you want, whether it's just increasing fitness level or getting bigger.
Full Throttle Fat Loss is designed to help your body gain AND tolerate more from every workout. These are both essential points in building muscle or improving your fitness level. You've found the 'priming' solution for fitness and building muscle.
Q: I'm ready to start losing fat now. Is this program going to take forever in the mail?
No! The entire program will become immediately available to you via membership login and download after your purchase - NO SHIPPING FEES, NO WAITING!
Q: Can men and women both get great results with this program?
OF COURSE! Full Throttle wouldn't be created if it did not work for both of you. Full Throttle Fat Loss was designed to guarantee you the fastest fat loss results you've ever seen and have you accelerate fat loss results over time.
If you are still skeptical about the FULL THROTTLE FAT LOSS SYSTEM then KEEP READING!
Q: What if I don't get results?
Then it's all FREE!
I know this system works. I know the science is solid and the method has been tested. You're going to get GREAT results. Fitness and health are about having a positive experience, over and over again. If you're not 100% convinced that this is one of the most POSITIVE EXPERIENCES you've ever had with your health, than FULL THROTTLEwould rather you invest your money somewhere else.
Full Throttle WILL ISSUE issue you a COMPLETE, HASSLE-FREE REFUND anytime within your first 60 days if you're not completely wow'd by what's to come.
If you are like all the other MILLIONS of people who are trying to lose weight and gain muscle this product will definitely work for you! I was skeptical at first until I tried this product and it CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!